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Describe the locale and situation in which your learner will use the instruction

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BRICK 3: Describe the locale and situation in which your learner will use the instruction (the "performance place").You might have learned how to calculate percentages in a fifth-grade classroom many years ago. But there is a good chance that the last time you calculated the percentage problem was when you were in when a restaurant and you need to calculate 15% of the total bill and you did not want to embarrass yourself and take out a calculator


The learner will be able to incorporate using Glogster throughout all subjects. Glogster is a way of enhancing any given project. The learner will also be able to use this tool outside of the classroom environment as long as they have access to a computer and internet. For example, if they are running for student council or a specific club. Our district includes an Early College Campus and our students begin to interview by 6th grade, this tool will be a great way to show off their creativity.

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