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Describe the locale and situation in which your learner will access the instruction:
The learning will take place in the campus computer lab. The lab is equipped with 25 desk computers that have internet access and are preprogrammed for students. Each computer will already have a short cut icon on the desktop for quick access to Glogster. There will be a Professional Educator and Paraprofessional monitoring the learning process. TLW need to have average computer skills in order to login, access the internet and follow directions. The students have all been taking a computer class since 4th grade and should have the foundation on basic computer skills.
Describe the locale and situation in which your learner will use the instruction:
The learner will be able to incorporate using Glogster throughout all subjects. Glogster is a way of enhancing any given project. The learner will also be able to use this tool outside of the classroom environment as long as they have access to a computer and internet. For example, if they are running for student council or a specific club. Our district includes an Early College Campus and our students begin to interview by 6th grade, this tool will be a great way to show off their creativity.
Write a specific instructional objective(s) including the three components of a behavioral objective:
students from Progreso ISD (CN) will be able to media tools learned during training.the training, (B) in order to enhance school projects (CR).
Describe the assessment(s):
Outline and describe the instructional package:

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